Anniversary Jewelry Gifts

Just as each day spent with her is an exercise in growth and discovery, our Anniversary Gifts dazzle with the beauty of your past, the brilliance of the present moment and the sweet glimmer of your future together. Celebrate your love with our prime collection of gifts by year.

This selection will guide you through the most exquisite choices to show your love with a gift she will never forget.
Heart Crafted® Anniversary Jewelry Gifts

1st Anniversary

2nd Anniversary

3rd Anniversary

4th Anniversary

5th Anniversary

6th Anniversary

7th Anniversary

8th Anniversary

9th Anniversary

10th Anniversary

11th Anniversary

12th Anniversary

13th Anniversary

14th Anniversary

15th Anniversary

16th Anniversary

17th Anniversary

18th Anniversary

19th Anniversary

20th Anniversary

21st Anniversary

23rd Anniversary

24th Anniversary

25th Anniversary

30th Anniversary

35th Anniversary

40th Anniversary

45th Anniversary

50th Anniversary

55th Anniversary

60th Anniversary

70th Anniversary

75th Anniversary

80th Anniversary

Finding that perfect piece of jewelry which is deserving of her radiant smile, charm and love can be a daunting task, but with our thoughtfully designed Anniversary Gift Collections, it has never been easier.

These thorough guides give you a look at the classiest picks, the most heartfelt gifts by year. Rest assured, after looking through these collections you and your love will be content with a dazzling, perfect match.
Heart Crafted® Anniversary Jewelry Gifts