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For one-of-a-kind handcrafted healing gemstone jewelry that promotes good health, protection, prosperity, love and happiness, Heart Crafted® offers all types of healing gems available in wide selections of jewelry at exceptional prices.
Ruby Rose Quartz Moonstone Romance Healing Power

The Healing Power of Romance

Love has the power to conquer all, so why not let our jewelry bring a little romance into your life to heal and warm your heart?

Ruby Jewelry

With its blood red hues and legendary durability, ruby symbolizes both passionate romance and enduring love, making it a perfect gift for lovers old and new.

Moonstone Jewelry

With the beguiling power to promote sweet dreams, good fortune and love, moonstone jewelry is a treasure to soothe the sad and weary.

Rose Quartz Jewelry

Turquoise Coral Agate Peace Of Mind Healing Power

For Ultimate Peace of Mind

For the ultimate peace of mind, nothing beats the confidence of having powerful spiritual protection. Ward off bad fortunate, with our talismans of gem

Turquoise Jewelry

For thousands of years, turquoise jewelry has been valued not only for its uniquely striking beauty, but also as a potent symbol of power and spiritual protection.

Coral Jewelry

As well as its exotic beauty, coral is revered for its protective properties and is often given as a talisman to protect women in pregnancy and newborn children.

Agate Jewelry

In its many subtle shades and unique patterns, agate jewelry is not only stunning to look at but also revered for its talismanic and healing properties.

Opal Pearl Strength Purity Healing Power

The Absolute Strength of Purity

From absolute purity comes an absolute strength of both body and mind. Keep your mind as clear as crystal with our exquisite collections.

Opal Jewelry

With its ability to enhance memory and decrease confusion, opal in all its many forms is a gem of purification that leaves the mind fresh and inspired. Find your own inspiration now.

Pearl Jewelry

An age-old symbol of purity and innocence, pearl has been associated with the moon and heaven. Feel the strength of purity in mankind’s oldest known gem.

Malachite Crystal Energy Universe Healing Power

The Healing Energies of the Universe

Harness the omnipotent powers of the universe to promote healing from within with our energy-channeling gemstone jewelry.

Healing Crystal Jewelry

For millennia, healing crystal has been valued by different cultures for its therapeutic properties. Discover the power of this magical gem with a treasure of your own from our healing crystal collection.

Malachite Jewelry

Whether in hypnotic waves or ruler-straight lines, the mesmerizing banded shades of malachite have been admired for their beauty and revered for their harmonizing qualities for six millennia.

Jade Peridot Tiger Eye Prosperity Enhancer Healing Power

Prosperity Enhancer

Promote prosperity and ultimate success and wealth for you or your loved ones with our jade, peridot and tiger’s eye jewels.

Jade Jewelry

Peridot Jewelry

Tiger’s Eye Jewelry

Lapis Amethyst Sapphire Healthy Body Mind Healing Power

Healthy Body from a Healthy Mind

Strength of body begins with strength of mind. Focus your thoughts and tap into the collective wisdom of the universe.

Lapis Lazuli Jewelry

Used in various cultures throughout history to promote healing of the body and mind, lapis lazuli is valued for its ability to bring balance and restore harmony.

Amethyst Jewelry

With the power to focus positive energies, amethyst has been used by healers throughout history to overcome problems of breathing and circulation.

Blue Sapphire Jewelry

With the ability to calm and focus the mind, sapphire helps to overcome stress and depressions, while it is also believed to help heal problems of the eyesight.